8 Beautiful Ways To Display Photos

You have got about a zillion photos hiding on your phone right now — don't you think it is time you shared them for the world to see? Think beyond Instagram! rounded up eight unique ways to display photos at home that are not just limited to boring old frames and photo albums. Pictures are the best way to add a personal touch to a plain, blank wall, and it costs hardly any money to show off your best memories in beautiful fashion. From hanging picture mobiles to cute coasters to photo garlands, it is time to up your decor game, one photo at a time. Gather up your materials, and channel some creativity. Here is everything you need to get started.

By: Diana Trotter, Contributor to

There are too many fun and creative ways to display your photos to just keep leaving them on your phone and camera. From photo chandeliers to photo garlands, you can display them in your living room, create a display for a baby or bridal shower, or give them as a gift to a friend or family member.

Get started on these eight beautiful projects, and start displaying those pretty faces.

1. Hanging Branch

My Studio Be

The design of this colorful hanging branch may be quite simple to create, but the result will leave you with a bohemian chic photo display. Grab a medium-sized branch from your backyard, a little yarn and washi tape to adhere your photos, and you’re ready to hang your new wall art.

2. Washi Frames


If you’re renting, you need photo display ideas that won’t damage the walls, and can be easily removed. That’s why you’ll find washi tape in the tool box of renters everywhere. You can use it not only to tape your photos and artwork to the walls, but also to creatively frame them. Photo display project done!

3. Photo Garland

My 3 Monsters

Who knew jute twine, fabric scraps, and eye hooks could be used to create the cutest photo frame garland? Use chicken wire to support your garland, and to add a bit of rustic charm to your display.

4. Instagram Coasters

AKA Design

Display your favorite photos where everyone can see them, by DIY-ing these Instagram photo coasters. Once your friends see these cute coasters, they’ll by dying for you to make them a set!

5. Vintage Window

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Don’t have a rustic, vintage window hanging around your home? Then you should hunt some down at your local antique store, so you can get started on this gorgeous way to display your family photos. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little and add a few fun quotes as well.

6. Door Display

The DIY Mommy

Creating a charming photo door display like this one will make it easy to change your photos from year to year as your kids get older, your family grows, and as new friends come into your life. Use eye hooks to adhere the clothesline to the door, and mini clothespins to hang your photos. Easy peasy.

7. Clip It

Love Grows Wild

Clipboards are everywhere; in home offices, craft rooms, nurseries, and kitchens too. To amp up this photo display idea, DIY your own clipboards for a larger and more rustic look.

8. Hoop Chandelier

Snap Box

Use embroidery hoops to turn your photos into a decorative chandelier. You can hang this fun photo display over your dining room table, as a mobile in your baby’s room, or to creatively display photos of the bride and groom at a bridal shower.

Do you have plans to print your photos from your phone and camera? Which photo project will you start first to display them?

Top Image Credit: My Studio Be

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