Tina Fey Would Be "***Flawless" on Instagram

These days, I'm hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't wholeheartedly subscribe to what is arguably the most famous five-word mantra ever known to womankind: Beyoncé's "***Flawless" line, "I woke up like this." With Tina Fey lip syncing the Beyoncé song "***Flawless" on the Instagram page of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Titus Burgess for all the world to see, she’s not only officially inducted herself into the Beygency (perk of being a huge celeb), but she’s also given us even more proof that she needs her own freakin’ Instagram account. Much like her lip syncing sesh, I’m certain that it would be an Insta-hit.The video opens with Burgess getting his closeup, then he turns the camera to Fey and his co-star Jane Krakowski, who both appear to be acting as his background singers, lip syncing "I woke up like this" in unison. But then Fey steps in and steals the spotlight with her sassy delivery of the lyrics, "We ***flawless, ladies tell 'em."Yes, Fey is absolutely flawless, and that flawlessness would increase tenfold if she blessed fans by joining Instagram. I mean, I totally understand the celebrities who aren't on social media, because making yourself easily accessible to millions of strangers can be overwhelming — exhausting, even. Still, Fey wouldn't even have to do much to keep us entertained on the 'gram.

Here's why she needs to join Instagram ASAP:

She Could Treat Fans To Impromptu Impersonations

No need to sit around in meetings trying out your funny impersonations on a room full of execs and fellow writers. Let the people be the judge, Tina. Trust me — you'll have our approval and our laughter.

She Could Encourage The Masses In A Matter Of Seconds

Because spreading joy is Fey's specialty.

She Could Release Fun Tidbits About Upcoming Projects

C'mon, Tina. Who needs press releases when you can just SHOW us?!

She Could Deliver More Funny Vids With Co-Stars

Because it's apparent that the jokes keep coming even when the cameras stop rolling.

She Could Share Important News Directly With Fans

Like, did you add an awesome new cast member to Unbreakable? Are you going to host another awards show? These questions and more like them can be answered in an instant.

Seriously, Tina — I Just Want to See Your Epic Selfie Game

If you've got selfie skills, show 'em off.

If a verified Tina Fey Instagram page pops up after this, I'll gladly take some of the credit.Images: Giphy (6)