Gwendoline Is The Voice Of A Fashionable Giraffe

When you think of Game of Thrones' Brienne of Tarth, you think tough, fearless, and super badass, right? Well, then you might find it hard to believe that Gwendoline Christie is the voice of a fashionable giraffe character in a children's book. As the narrator of Donald Robertson's book Mitford at the Fashion Zoo, Christie channels a lighthearted and silly side that is vibrant enough to brings smiles across all ages. Although the book may naturally attract a younger crowd, it can also be for, "childish adults that love fashion." Count me in.

Christie and Robertson became friends after stumbling across his Instagram account, filled with funny fashion illustrations and a variety of creative sketches. Christie has always had a interest in the fashion industry since she was a teenager and has built connections and made friends in the fashion realm. Partnering up with Robertson allowed her to pursue her passion for fashion on top of allowing her to utilize her acting skills in the audiobook. Robertson once mentioned to Christie that she reminded him of his character Mitford. Christie explained how she, "took his glasses and put them on, and I did indeed look[ed] very much like Mitford the giraffe."

And not only does the GOT actress look like the cartoon character, but she even has an attachment to it as she has, "seen the story evolve," and has begun to "really love that giraffe. I can identify with that fashion giraffe." The premise of the book is about Mitford, a giraffe who wants to land his dream job at a fashion magazine called Cover. However, he needs to figure out how to survive the "fashion zoo."

Although it's unsure as to whether the children's story will become a movie, Christie told the Wall Street Journal that she, "would definitely be interested in playing Mitford when the inevitable movie comes out.”

By the way, is it just me, or does that turtle look a lot like Karl Lagerfeld?

Images: drawbertson, mitfordfashionzoon/Instagram (2)