Why You Should Be Thanking Your Bra

by Jessica Willingham

Oh, bras. Nothing feels better than arriving home at the end of a work day, reaching back under my shirt, snapping that bra undone, and whipping it free through my sleeves. and then flinging it across the room. Still, though bras can be a huge pain, wearing bras is actually good for you. Despite how amazing it feels to go braless, there are countless reasons why you should be thanking you bra instead of condemning it to your laundry basket after a long day.

I know you may be ready to embrace the #FreeTheNipple movement and the braless trend made famous by Rihanna’s see-through dress (and one French study suggesting women shouldn’t wear bras). But the truth is that wearing bras on the daily can be a huge health benefit, no matter your cup size. And your older self may thank you for the extra support in your younger years.

Below, I rounded up the reasons you should wear a bra.

1. Gravity Is A B*tch

Or so sings our good friend Miranda Lambert. And it's true: Your breasts are held up naturally by internal suspensory ligaments. Your boobies are made up of glands and fat, and those ligaments work hard to suspend that weight, and over time can begin to break down and cause sagging. Give your body a break and wear a bra, which supports and wards off the longterm affects of gravity. While gravity will hunt you (and your boobs) down eventually, bras can keep those girls higher for longer.

Claudette Dessous Mesh Full Coverage Bra, $62,

2. Bras Got Your Back

Where my curvy ladies at?! You know a pain those A and B cups will never know: the real struggle of having large breasts is the back pain it can cause. When you carry weight in the front, your back has to work harder to support those gals. Over time, your shoulders can roll forward and your posture can slump. Bras give your back a break by helping support those larger lady lumps.

Victoria's Secret Front Close Push Up Bra, $34.50,

3. A Cups Still Need A Little Support

A common idea is that because you can "get away" without wearing a bra (i.e., it doesn't physically hurt you to go braless, your girls won't put an eye out if you turn around too quickly, and no one will notice under your scarf) that you should. However, all our boobies, big and small, deserve support. Even small boobs will sag over time, so prolong the inevitable by wearing a bra. Also, don't think the "pretty" little bras will do the trick. Choose something supportive over something pretty.

Victoria's Secret Lace Plunge Unlined Demi Bra, $52,

4. They're Functional And Fashionable

Back in the day, A cups and DD cups were not created equally when it came to the fashion and functionality of their bras. Not true today: We can find beautiful, functional bras that don't mean we have to hide our straps in public. Straps are the most important part of the bra, bearing the brunt of the weight. The wider the better, and pretty never hurt either. Don't be afraid to demand sexy and supportive in one bra, and don't settle for anything less.

Freya Flourish Padded Longline Bra, $26,

5. Bras Can Create Your Perfect Boobs

A lot of us have insecurities around the shape (or shapes) of your boobs, color of your nipples, size, perkiness, space between them... Lawd, the list goes on. There is a reason breast augmentation and reduction is a popular plastic surgery. Bras give us the ability to adjust our perceived "flaws" and feel comfortable in our clothes. While we work on accepting our bodies for what they are, we can gain some confidence in wearing the bra that makes you feel your absolute best.

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Image Credit: Liz Minch