Every Sagittarius Should Give These Songs A Listen

There are certain things that will always make a Sagittarius smile, and there are songs for Sagittarius that people born under that zodiac sign will just get more than anyone else. It should come as no surprise that these November and December babies are badass archer centaurs — that's right Sagittarius in mythology is half-human, half-horse, and great with a bow and arrow. People of this sign are adventurous by nature. They love trying new things and meeting new people. They love a wide open social calendar, sarcasm, and giving their honest opinion. Like their fellow Sag Britney Spears, they love rock n' roll.

Everyone who is, or knows, a Sagittarius gets how brutally honest these people can be, but there are always good intentions behind their bluntness. They just want to live an honest, exciting life, and these songs are the perfect anthems for the journey. There are many famous Sags who run the whole gamut of specialties — from Jay Z to Stephen Spielberg, to Walt Disney and Bruce Lee. Both Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are Sags, which is probably why their feud got so heated: Sags are both blunt spoken and impulsive, a dangerous combination on Twitter. (Looking at you, Tay Tay. Think before you tweet.)

These songs have the themes and the energy that Sagittarians will just get and will love to jam to, whether or not they're really half-human, half horse.

"Honesty" — Beyoncé

Sagittarius is Latin for "archer." These archers are always pointed and precise with their words — they speak the truth, even when it hurts. As Beyonce knows, it's all about honesty, which is why her cover of the Billy Joel song is perfect for a Sagittarius.

"Three Little Birds" — Bob Marley

Sagittarians are said to be the most optimistic sign, always seeing the silver lining. Nothing is more optimistic than the lyrics, "Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright."

"Born to Run" — Bruce Springsteen

Sagittarians are adventurous, never shy to take risks, and almost need the excitement to feel alive. Baby, you were born to run.

"Rich Girl" — Gwen Stefani

One of the bad qualities of a Sagittarius is that they can be quite snobby and superficial. For all their optimism and ambition, they can aspire for material wealth and tend to show off their accomplishments.

"Girl on Fire" — Alicia Keys

This song is perfect for the Sagittarius — their element is fire, and also Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire, is an archer herself.

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" — The Rolling Stones

This song is super Sagittarian. Not only is Keith Richards a Sag himself — he was born on December 18th — but Sagittarians often strive for so many things. And, because of their optimistic nature, they often struggle with the disappointment that "you can't always get what you want."

"Heal the World" — Michael Jackson

Sagittarians are open-minded and kind-hearted. They are full of empathy and optimism, and just want to "heal world, make it a better place."

"The Motto" — Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

With their love of risk-taking and adventure, Sagittarians embody the "YOLO" lifestyle. They live in the moment, and live for excitement.

So, Sags, when you celebrate your birthday this November or December, make sure these jams are on the playlist.