Is Tom Cruise Dating Anyone Right Now?

It seems like it's been a minute since we have heard any big Tom Cruise news. Of course, that is all changing now since Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation hits theaters on July 31, giving fans and followers lots to talk about. But aside from Cruise's acting skills, what has often been dissected in the public eye is his personal life. There hasn't been much big talk of his romantic life for awhile, so some fans and followers might be wondering if Tom Cruise is currently dating anyone.

Well, the actor has not publicly dated anyone since his much publicized split from ex-wife Katie Holmes back in 2012. As you might recall, the split made headlines around the world as he reportedly "had no idea this was coming." And two years later, it sounded like dating was still not on Cruise's mind. He told Extra in 2014 that dating was a "low priority" for him and that he was focusing on his work.

But just because the 53-year-old has not stepped out with anyone on the red carpet does not mean the rumor mill has stopped turning about women he may or may not be involved with. Quite the opposite, actually. Cruise has been linked with quite a few women since then, famous and not, all of which his reps have been quick to deny.

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Most recently, Cruise was rumored to be dating to his assistant, Emily Thomas, who looks suspiciously like ex-wife Holmes. But a source close to the assistant said this was untrue and the assistant was actually in a relationship with another much less famous man.

Cruise was also rumored to be secretly seeing actress Laura Prepon back in 2014. Apparently Cruise and the Orange Is The New Black star were spotted having a long dinner together in Los Angeles. It would certainly make sense if the two hit it off. Not only are they both in the entertainment industry, but they are both practicing Scientologists. Reps for both stars said the dating rumors were not true, and although they did see each other at some functions, there was nothing romantic going on between them.

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And before that, Cruise was linked to New York restauranteur Cynthia Jorge. The New York Daily News and other outlets reported that he had been spotted with Jorge at a New York club and that "dirty dancing" was involved. But sources close to both of them maintained that the two were "just friends" and that while Cruise was talking to women, that did not mean that they were dating.

So, if we take Cruise's word for it, it seems like not much has changed since his divorce from Katie Homles, and he is, at least publicly, still on the market — and willing to shoot down any false rumors that come his way.

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