Newsweek Revives Print Editon: Magazines That Are Surprisingly Still Alive, And Others We'd Like To Resurrect

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Don't call it a comeback. If you thought the printed version of Newsweek magazine made its last gasp in December 2012, you were wrong. The magazine's editor-in-chief, Jim Impoco, says that Newsweek plans to launch a 64-page weekly edition in January or February. The magazine, which was sold to IBT Media in August, would rely on a subscription-based approach to make ends meet. Full disclosure: I am a former Newsweek and The Daily Beast employee. And this latest news about the magazine caught me by complete surprise. Good luck, guys.

It goes without saying that many magazines are struggling to balance the price of printing with the demands of digital media. Recently, The Onion decided to cease printing, and New York magazine will scale back its print issue to a biweekly.

So, to those who still like flipping through the pages of a real magazine in their hands, which ones would you like to see brought back from the dead? Check out some of our choices, as well as magazines that we thought were long gone.

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