Victoria's Secret Angels Share Selfie Tips With 'InStyle,' & You Can Learn A Lot From Their IG Feeds

Looks like Victoria’s got a few more secrets. A select few Victoria’s Secret Angels revealed their selfie tips during an interview with InStyle Thursday, and you’ll definitely want to take mental note about how your next Insta-glamour shot can look just as heavenly.

Selfie culture has taken the internet by storm over the past few years, and while I can shamelessly admit to feeling a sense of great accomplishment when my better self-portraits rack up a few likes and comments, I have never been that girl to pose in something revealing and blow a flirtatious kiss at the camera for a little extra attention. It turns out, neither are key factors in the grand scheme of selfie artistry, and that is coming from the Angels themselves.

OK, so seductively winking into the camera lens, posing in mega hot lingerie and giving the audience bedroom eyes has definitely worked time and again for Elsa Hosk, Sara Sampaio, and Jac Jagaciak, but off set these ladies have found an alternative selfie success mechanism. Naughtiness not required.

Listed below are three key tips to taking the perfect selfie as told by Victoria's Secret Angels. They've given you the tools, now it's your time to use them.

1. Find Your Angle

"You have to make sure the light hits your face at the right angles. Placing the camera a little above your face is the most flattering," Elsa Hosk told InStyle.

There you have it! All of your awkward hand movements and angle experiments are bound to pay off in the long run. Find your angle, and never let it go!

2. Lighting

"You have to face the light. While we were getting ready I tried to take a selfie, but the lighting was horrible. I cannot take a selfie if the lighting isn't there," said Sara Sampaio.

Clearly there was a strategy to "lights, camera, action." Familiarize yourself with lighting and the way it hits certain areas. Ain't nobody got time for five o'clock shadow.

3. Confidence

"Every woman should just be confident. It's so important and that's truly the key," Jac Jagaciak shared with InStyle.

Confidence is a woman's best accessory. Wear it well