Hair Tapestries Take Hair Wraps To The Next Level

I'm not really one for elaborate hairstyles or trends, so when my editor told me about hair tapestries, I imagined weaving one's entire head of hair into a kind of messy, matted tarp. Those who are actually in the know might remember that this style was trending amongst boho ladies last summer, but hair tapestries are officially back, baby!

So, what are hair tapestries exactly? Picture those colorful hair wraps you used to give your friends at sleepovers when you were a tween, but all tied together to create a gorgeous multicolor curtain of thread. This is not a trend for the timid, as threading rainbow-hued string through your tresses is definitely a bold, eye-catching look that will make you stand out in any Coachella crowd.

Let everyone else stick with their passé flower crowns and fringe. While the finished product might look like you need roughly ten years of artisanal training, the process actually couldn't be simpler (though you might still need to get a friend involved). First, get one of those embroidery hoops used for needlepointing and trap your desired section of hair in it. Next, take embroidery thread and double knot it to the first strand. Here's where it gets a little tricky: you have to create your hair tapestry's weft, so take the thread underneath the second strand of hair, over the top of the third strand, and continue in this "over and under" fashion. When you reach the end of the section of hair, simply start weaving back the way you came and feel free to play around with the shape, style, and texture of your tapestry.

If you're nervous about threading it directly into your own hair, test it out on an extension first so it will be easily removable if you decide this look is not for you. And if you're in need of some major hair-spiration, take a look at these stunning hair tapestries below!

1. Master Level Weaving

2. That's Some Tapestry

3. Pride Parade-Worthy

4. Rustic Setting, Gorgeous Hair

5. Putting Your Middle School Hair Wrap Game To Shame:

6. Matching Hair And Tapestry

7. Metallic Thread Glam

Now learn how to make one for yourself!:

Image: Dirty Looks/YouTube