Get A Sneak Peek at Kendall + Kylie's Shoe Line

by Augusta Statz

I could never get enough Jenner-sister-designed clothing, so you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Kendall and Kylie designed a line of shoes to be sold on their website in spring 2016. These ladies have killer shoe game, and I can hardly wait to see what amazingness lies in store for us with their latest project!

Thank goodness, a sneak peek of the line has already been released by Footwear News, which will make waiting until next year to get these bad boys on my feet a little easier, I hope! The first-ever shoe line for the stylish sisters features (of course) some super incredible but nearly-impossible-to-wear heels (at least if you’re a baby when it comes to pain like me), but also some sandals and booties. Rejoice! There will be something I can tolerate from this collection!

From what’s been seen of the line so far, the girls stuck with a black and white color palette, and I’m glad they did. They’re keeping it classy and making sure that their shoes can go with anything and everything. I like the way they think.

See some pictures from the new line plus seven times the sisters have totally dominated when it comes to wearing the perfect pumps because the Jenners know a good pair of shoes when they see them.

Get a load of these beauties!

Could you die?

I want all of them! Right. Now.

1. Red Sneakers

Red sneaks are almost as good as red-bottomed heels.

2. Thigh High Perfection

These shoes are everything.

3. Casual Glam

This is what you wear to spend some time in the great outdoors, right?

4. Seeing Stripes

Matching your shoes to your track suit is a must.

5. Oh-So Strappy

Strappy heels are the way to go.

6. Classic Black

Both ladies are working it in their black heels.

7. Golden Goddess

It's always a good idea to wear heels poolside, am I right?