7 Funny Maddie Ziegler Quotes

Maddie Ziegler first stole hearts acting and dancing on the reality show Dance Moms, where audiences could follow the tween dancer's early career. Then, the pint-sized powerhouse catapulted to worldwide stardom when Sia asked her to dance for a variety of her music videos and live performances, most famously for the singer's "Chandelier" music video. Everyone has been left mesmerized by the 12-year-old's big passion and energy, but something else captivating about Maddie Ziegler is her funny quotes.

It makes sense why Ziegler would be humorous about her unique situation of celebrity. After all, she is super young in relation to many people in her industry, and on top of that, she gets the chance to meet a lot of high-profile celebrities. She can offer the perspective of a younger person interacting with famous people and with a gigantic entertainment industry as a whole. Oftentimes, she reacts not unlike how I, and probably many others, would react at that age, with matter-of-fact observations and brutal honesty that makes her interactions both hilarious and just a little bit relatable. The fact that she is also quite mature for her age adds an extra dose of humor. Read on for a roundup of Ziegler's funniest quotes. Enjoy!

1. On Kevin Hart's Height

"Kevin Hart was the host, and he’s, like, my height. He said, 'Don’t tell anybody I’m this short!’" she said in an interview with Teen Vogue.

2. On "Chandelier" Expectations

"When I came back from filming the “Chandelier” video, everyone was like, 'So what’d you wear? What did the room look like? How many chandeliers were there?' And I was like, 'Well, I wore a blond wig, a nude leotard, the room was dirty, and there was no chandelier.' And they were like, 'Whaaat? That doesn’t make any sense at all,'" she said in an Entertainment Weekly Q & A.

3. On Starstruck Family Members

“Mom is like, ‘Oh my God, let’s go and meet Ariana Grande.’ I’m like, ‘Mom, for real?’" she said in an interview with The Telegraph.

4. On That Grammys Entrance

"I was guiding Sia down the red carpet, and the paparazzi were screaming, ’Sia, take off your wig! Maddie, do a somersault!’ Like, why would I ever do that?!" she said in an interview with Teen Vogue.

5. On Her "Elastic Heart" Role

“I’m the tough one, which is funny because I’m the little one. That’s why I was growling a lot. It was hard for me because I’m not an animal.” she said of her role in "Elastic Heart" to TheTelegraph.

6. On Her Mom's Makeup Skills

"We always make this joke about my mom: My friends will be like, 'Who did your makeup?' And I'm like, 'My mom...,' and they all just laugh, because it's obviously not true at all. My mom is horrible at it! So at the age of eight, I stopped [letting her do my makeup]," she said in an interview with Fashionista.

7. On Being A Winner

"Losing is not a good feeling, but I don't ever lose anyway," she said on Dance Moms.

I'll be staying tuned for more hilarious quips from Ziegler!