Who Plays Drew On 'Wet Hot American Summer'

The Netflix revival Wet Hot American Summer managed to get every single adult member of the original cast to return, and added a bunch of celebrity cameos to boot. However, one of the standouts amidst the comedy greats is a tiny teenage bully in Coop's cabin named Drew. Who plays Drew on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp ? Thomas Barbusca is an up and coming actor who's stealing scenes left and right.

Seriously, this character is one of my favorite things about the Netflix series. The Burp King Of Westchester is not only mean, he's super hilarious. I don't even think Draco Malfoy could come up with a comeback in a battle of wits against Drew's insults and "kid logic" you can never beat. While the tone of the show and cult film is heightened, it's nice to have a few child actors around to put the story in perspective. My bullies may not have had Drew's vulgar vocabulary, but I definitely recognize the feeling he evokes.

While the effortlessly smarmy actor has already garnered critical acclaim and broken out with a dramatic role on television, Wet Hot American Summer is his biggest break in comedy. His older sister Brienne Barbusca has also had success on Scandal and The Starter Wife. Don't recognize him under his 80s clothes? Here's where you may have seen Thomas Barbusca before.

Grey's Anatomy

Barbusca played Link McNeil, a young boy in need of a heart transplant on several episodes of the ABC drama. However, Grey's took it up a notch and both of Link's siblings had the same condition. The actor has also had roles on New Girl, Body of Proof, The League, Shameless, and the Hulu comedy Residence Advisors.

Young Artist Awards

Thomas Barbusca was nominated twice for guest star roles before he turned 10! One was for two episodes of The New Normal,and later for his appearance on Austin & Ally.


The young actor has had a few small film roles in the indie comedy The Last Time You Had Fun and a horror movie called Tag. Up next, Barbusca will appear in an AMC TV movie with another all-star cast, including Dominic Cooper, Elizabeth Perkins, and Ruth Negga. Preacher is based on a graphic novel and was developed for television by Seth Rogen. Barbusca will be playing Chris, the son of a Civil War re-enactor named Donny, who may be abusing his family. This already sounds much darker than First Day of Camp, so soak in those laughs while you can!