7 Fresh Ways To Style Birkenstocks

While I don't ascribe to the wonders of these classic sandals myself, Birkenstocks have been a huge fashion trend since last summer. Thanks to a combo of their comfort and simplicity, Birkenstocks have found favor amongst fashion editors and regular folks alike. With ample arch support and a shoe bed that forms to your foot, it's easy to see where this footwear gets its appeal from. That plus the range of styles, colors, and prints you can choose from means that there are tons of different ways to style Birkenstocks. Even though everyone's currently wearing these shoes, they can still be uniquely your own.

Most ladies seem to be opting for a classic black or white color way so that they'll easily pair with a multitude of ensembles. However, if you're like me, the crazier and more outlandish the shoe, the higher up it goes in my wearing rotation. Luckily, Birkenstocks has you covered there, too, with a whole new array of glitter, metallic, and brightly printed styles to capitalize on this chic moment they are having.

While the shoe styles themselves are almost infinite in their variety, the way people style them can get a little stale. How many simple jeans, tee, and Birk combos can one person see before they get over this trend fast? If you're in need of some major style inspo, take a look at how these seven Instagram ladies below are upgrading this fad — with majorly chic results.

1. Mix-and-match pairs to add a little surprise to your wardrobe.

2. Colorblock your socks.

3. Get them lined in fur to transition this summer staple into fall.

4. Add an ankle-length gym sock and a platform to maximize your hipster-approval rating

5. Go linear and add a little sheer sex appeal.

6. Use them as a blank canvas to showcase your incredible toenail art.

7. Make your Birks anything but basic with metallic glitter socks.

The possibilities are endless.