Tom Cruise Better Be In 'Mission: Impossible 6'

Ever since 1996, the Mission: Impossible franchise has been making the craziest missions possible (hence the title) and Tom Cruise has been there every step of the way. Almost 20 years later, he's as big of an action star as ever, performing his own stunts and hanging from the side of planes facing death for the sake of summer blockbusters like this month's Rogue Nation. There has been buzz about an MI5 sequel, and based on the ending of the new film, there just has to be a follow-up. But will Tom Cruise be in Mission: Impossible 6 , or will he decide to hang up his spy gear and call it quits as the role of Ethan Hunt? Of course he is — and even better, Mission: Impossible 6 is already in development.

In a recent interview with SlashFilm, he officially confirmed a sequel is in the works and said that the gap between Rogue Nation and and Mission: Impossible 6 will be short. And while on The Daily Show Jul. 29, Cruise revealed more about the upcoming film, saying, "we’re starting to work on it now. We’ll probably start shooting it next summer." He also spoke about what he would like his next big stunt will be, and no surprise, it sounds absolutely crazy. Watch the full interview below:

Like the Fast and Furious franchise, each Mission: Impossible movie has managed to top itself in terms of ridiculous action sequences, gadgetry, unbelievable fight scenes and high-tension do-or-die situations. Each movie leaves the audience hungry for more — and Cruise is more than willing to feed that need because, well, he's Tom Cruise, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. If he decides to jump into a volcano for Mission: Impossible 6, audiences wouldn't be surprised. To get ready for the impending adventure, revisit some of Cruise's most dangerous stunts in each Mission: Impossible starting with the very first one.

Mission: Impossible (1996): The Train Scene

It's obvious that the train scene isn't all real in the Brian de Palma-directed original, but for the late '90s, it was pretty amazing. It built the foundation for what was to come.

Mission: Impossible II (2000): Extreme Rock Climbing

The John Woo directed follow-up wasn't exactly the best, but it was still entertaining. Next to the climactic motorcycle chase scene and all the signature Woo-style double guns and slo-mo flying birds, this rock climbing scene was impressively dangerous.

Mission: Impossible III (2006): Shanghai Skyscrapers

In this installment, J.J. Abrams took the directing reins and breathed new life into the series. This included a scene where Cruise decided to jump onto a skyscraper in Shanghai.

Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol (2011): The Burj Khalifa

How does Tom Cruise top jumping onto a skyscraper? In the Brad Bird-directed installment, he climbs the side of the side of the world's tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation (2015): The Underwater Heist And The Plane Scene

Sure, everyone is talking about that amazing plane scene where Cruise is literally dangling off a side of a plane when it takes off, but there is not one, but two major scenes in the movie where he put his life in danger. The other is where he was filming underwater and he was trained to hold his breath for six minutes. I really don't know which one is more frightening.

As crazy and death-defying all these stunts are, I wouldn't be surprised if he would hang outside of a shuttle launching into space for Mission: Impossible 6. The audience would surely lose their minds at that.

Image: Paramount Pictures, Giphy