Lena Dunham's Body Pos Workout Photo Is Inspiring

Lena Dunham is a polarizing figure in both the entertainment industry and as her character Hannah Horvath on Dunham's hit HBO series Girls. Whether you hate or love her, props have got to be given for Dunham's running Instagram photo where she drops some body positivity for all the world to read. Dunham has spoken out several times in the past regarding her attitude toward her body and her feelings about being nude in her show. Now, Dunham is talking specifically not about the visual aspect of her frame, but the power that it grants her.

In the past, Dunham has had to repeatedly defend the nudity seen on Girls . Many of the lead characters have been seen nude with a portion of the nudity coming from Dunham's Hannah. The criticism is just a reminder that nudity on series like Game of Thrones, where traditionally shaped actors' decisions to be naked are glossed over as being done for ratings, but Dunham's nudity is seen as uncouth. Dunham responded to the critique at a TCA panel saying that her being nude is simply a "realistic portrayal of being alive." Her attitude at the panel is an attitude she has every day as well. Dunham makes no apologies for not being the smaller size of her cast mates and other Hollywood actresses, and she lives her life authentically regardless of size.

Dunham has spoken out on her relationship with her body in the past as well as how it relates to the show. In May, Dunham arrived late to a training session with Tracy Anderson and was forced to use ill fitting gym clothes. Instead of being embarrassed by the pants and sports bra that didn't quite fit, Dunham embraced the moment writing, "Late to @tracyandersonmethod & forgot my workout clothes so had to snag a size large bra and size small pants (wrong in myriad ways.) But do we soldier on? Yes, yes we do because we want to be a strong & happy lady #largebrasmallpantscantlose." Dunham's focus on being strong and happy in her skin is completely cool, and I love a lady that encourages health over simple appearance in gym clothes.

This week, another image of Dunham exercising is making the rounds. The actress posted a paparazzi snapped shot of her running in some fierce gym clothes. While most of time, Dunham ignores photos by the paps, she embraced this one for what it means to her. In her caption, Dunham wrote:

Not usually one to post a paparazzi shot but this fills me with pride. Basically my whole life I have hated running and run like a wounded baby Pterodactyl. It was embarrassing and honestly I did not trust myself to escape a burning building or even move briskly towards a buffet.@jennikonner is directing the season finale of Girls and decided that as Hannah evolved so would her run, so she got me a training session with Matt Wilpers from Mile High Run Club. Within an hour I had a different relationship to this formerly torturous activity. I felt strong, swift and proud. I'm not about to embrace that triathlon life but it's a true joy to continue getting more connected to my body and its powers.

Dunham's love of her strong body is my favorite thing about her post. She's embracing what she can do with her body rather than fixating on the appearance of it. Her former embarrassment over running has been replaced with a desire to connect to her body, and I love that!

One thing I also love though, is Dunham's insanely cool workout gear. The star finished out her post thanking the Man Repeller for Outdoor Voices line for the duds. The pair teamed up to create a one of a kind kit created with Leandra Medine, and that's what Dunham is rocking. You know what that means, right? I've the down low on where you can grab the stuff!

Man Repeller Kit from Outdoor Voices ($250)

The kit comes with tons of stuff, like a jumprope and popsicle shaped pendant, but Dunham is just rocking the first two things in the collab.

Tri-Tone Athena Crop

3/4 Tri Tone Warm-up Legging

Ringer Recreation Crop Tee

'The Smoothie' Canvas Carryall

Segmented Jump Rope, Multi Color

Ice Pop Charm, Red Leather

Antidote Chocolate, Banana + Cayenne

The kit actually a great buy at it's $250 price tag, but if you're looking to snag it, hurry up! There's only a limited number remaining.

Images: Lena Dunham/Instagram(3); Outdoor Voices