Friends & Family Remember Sam DuBose

Footage from the body camera of former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing has been released. It shows the unsettling details of the the traffic stop that left Sam Dubose dead, and led to Tensing's arrest on murder charges. But many of Dubose's family and friends, and others who never knew him, gathered in Cincinnati Wednesday to remember him, continuing the tradition of #BlackLivesMatter.

His family does not want to see violence in the wake of Dubose's death, they said previously. Family friend Rev. Ennis Tait said, "They don't want the city to be turned upside down and that issue to be attached to their brother's life." An aspiring was a music producer and rapper, Dubose was a father and grandfather described by family and friends as a kind and gentle person.

Dubose, 43, was pulled over on July 19, apparently for his car's lack of a front license plate, and the body cam appears to contradict Tensing's original statement about how events unfolded. Prior to the video release, Tensing said that he was forced to shoot because he feared for his life, and thought that DuBose would run him over. Dubose is the latest in a disturbingly long list of black people who have died at the hands of police officers.

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The rally in Cincinatti continued on Wednesday despite rainy conditions.

Tensing could face life in prison if found guilty of murder and voluntary manslaughter.

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