Tom Hiddleston & Mae Whitman's New Movie 'The Pirate Fairy' Isn't What You'd Expect

Thanks to shows like Once Upon a Time, Grimm, and Sleepy Hollow, projects based off of old fairy tales and classic fables are all the rage right now — so it's no surprise that Disney is taking advantage of the trend and putting out a new film based on Tinker Bell. The studio has just released the first trailer for the animated flick The Pirate Fairy, which features a gigantic cast including Tom Hiddleston, Mae Whitman, and Christina Hendricks. Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever in my life be recommending an animated Tom Hiddleston film, but this actually looks really cute — and not just because of Tom Hiddleston's voice.

Plot-wise, the film follows Tinker Bell (voiced by Mae Whitman) and a group of her little fairy friends as they team up with a group of pirates — including Captain James Hook (voiced by Tom Hiddleston) — to retrieve the magical Blue Pixie Dust that was stolen by a "misunderstood" fairy named Zarina (voiced by Christina Hendricks). The entire thing is set in Neverland, and actually acts as a sort of prequel to Peter Pan in the sense that it gives us an idea of Tinker Bell's backstory.

You can check out the trailer below. The film will be released in Spring, 2014.

Image: Disney