Kristin Cavallari Is America's Version of Pregnant Kate Middleton & Here's Why

The past few months have been punctuated by news of ex-The Hills stars like Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port getting engaged and in the case of Kristin Cavallari, announcing their second pregnancy. But it looks like, in the war between ex-reality stars from "the real Orange County", Kristin is getting the last laugh — because she's perfect in every way. (I might be a little biased, considering she has been and always will be my favorite reality star.) Jay Cutler's wife and baby momma attended the Women's Wear Daily Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York City on Dec. 3 and not only did she look unrealistically amazing, but she proved that she's the cutest wife/mom/pregnant woman we know and that she's got her shit completely together. Take, that LC, because Kristin Cavallari is literally the American version of Kate Middleton when it comes to pregnant women.

Cavallari may not have been pregnant at the same time as Princess Kate like Kim Kardashian, but she's pregnant now we're going to say that she's more like the British royal than Kanye's fiancée ever was during her pregnancy. And here's our short list of reasons why:

Pregnancy Looks So Good On Them That It's Borderline Unreal/Unfair

Image: KristinCavallari/Instagram

The hair, the glow, that dress — effortless and absolutely radiant, does this not remind you of the Duchess' public outings after she announced the royal pregnancy? C'mon, you know it does.

Their Babies' Names Became Trendy

In 2012, Cavallari and then-fiancée Jay Cutler gave birth to their first child, a boy that they decided to name Camden. The popularity of the name allegedly skyrocketed after Cavallari and Vanessa Lachey both chose the name for their boys in 2012. After the birth of His Royal Highness and his subsequent dubbing with the name George, projected a 32 percent increase in babies in the UK being given the same name as the heir to the throne. (Fun Fact: Camden is the name of a borough and street in London, named after The Earl of Camden. I wonder if Kristin knew that when she chose it.)

Their Pregnancy Styles Were Effortless

Cavallari attributes her effortless look to the fact that there are little to no paparazzi in Chicago, but we know that she's just that good at looking like "she just threw this on." "I live in leggings, Uggs, and whatever fits at the moment," she told E!. When Kate Middleton took a ski trip to the Swiss Alps during her pregnancy, she rocked this casual outfit that Kristin probably has in her own closet.

Their Relationships With Their Spouses Are Adorable

There's nothing that any of us love more than swooning over the Royal Family and the fairytale of William and Kate's courtship, nuptials and now family-life. (I may or may not have made their first family portrait following the birth of Prince George my computer background for a few weeks.) During her interview at WWD's event, Cavallari may have officially cemented her relationship a place in the most adorable we're lucky to obsess over with this comment about finding out her new baby's sex:

Oh, yeah, we're finding out. We find out really soon. What we're gonna do is have my doctor write it on a piece of paper and have my doctor put it in an envelope, and then on Christmas, Jay and I are going to open it together so it's a little surprise.

OKAY, FINE, YOU GUYS. You're adorable and have unknowingly inspired a million Pinterest boards.

So there you have it, Kristin Cavallari and Kate Middleton are essentially the same pregnant woman and probably share a hairstylist (or at least they might have before Kate fired hers last week).