Someone Made A 'Lion King' Parody About Cecil

Because the Internet knows not the meaning of "too soon," someone made a Lion King trailer starring Cecil. Many still mourn the death of Africa's beloved Cecil the lion a Minnesotan dentist shot and killed with a bow and arrow. Even Jimmy Kimmel gives a damn about this. But, as the Internet is wont to do, it responded in a timely — albeit perhaps too soon — way.

In a way, Lion King is all about vengeance, so the idea of Cecil's son seeking to avenge his father's death kinda matches up. I am also LOLing (real) over the idea of a little lion cub (or adult lion — I guess Cecil was pretty old, so that is also possible) boarding a Minnesota-bound plane in order to rip the dentist's "f*cking throat out." As much as I frown on violence perpetuation, and as in poor taste as this video seems, you can't deny the Disney parallels that make this trailer work.

Do you follow? Mufasa is replaced by Cecil in this rendition. It's unclear if they'd still voice him with the unbreakable James Earl Jones. (Does anyone else find his smooth vocals really effective as a turn-on? Just me...? There's no way.) I suppose that could be negotiated, if he's as outraged as the rest of us are. Anyway, So That Happened engineered this overhaul known at Lion King: The Retribution of Cecil.

A+ video editing, for real. Here's the trailer in full:

IDK, guys. IDK anything anymore. Poor Cecil.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; YouTube