10 Holiday Books To Make You Merry

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The holidays pass quickly. We find ourselves spending much of our time in tinsel-festooned shopping malls, at holiday parties with enchanting open bars, and on our living room floors, kneeling over our too-long-put-off gift wrapping projects. This holiday season take a night off. Pour yourself a glass of nog, set aside a few cookies, and grab yourself one of these great holiday reads, all of which are sure to keep you merry and mirthful right on through to the New Year. Whether you’re into the classics or you’re just looking for a little laugh (to distract you from the impending stress of your in-laws’ take-over, for example), this list has a little something for everybody. From Charles Dickens to David Sedaris to Nicolai Gogol, keep reading for 10 of the best holiday books out there.

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