The Kardashians Look Boss As Disney Princesses

While you can try to claim that the Internet is as obsessed with cute animals than it is with the Kardashians and Disney Princesses, you'll never convince me. So it only stands to reason that Refinery29 drew the Kardashians as Disney Princesses for all of us to revel in and enjoy on this glorious Friday. TGIF, indeed.

R29 commissioned illustrator Dylan Charles Bonner to sketch out the Kardashians from all 10 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Which, unfortunately, means no Caitlyn Jenner. (Time to get cracking on Round 2, please and thank you?) But it does mean that they turned Kourtney into Jasmine from Aladdin, and I am here for it. (Here's a question for all the Internets out there: If Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess, does that mean Kourtney is now my favorite Kardashian? I've always thought of myself as more of a Kim kinda gal.)

In any case, we're all looking forward to the live-action movie that will probably be commissioned for 2018 starring the entire Kardashijenner clan — or, at the very least, the epic photo shoot that they should definitely do based on these portraits. Here are a few of Bonner's depictions of the Kardashians as your childhood heroines:

Kim Kardashian West as Snow West

This only makes sense, seeing as Kim was The Original who got them all famous, just as Snow White was the one who kicked off all the Disney mania.

Kris Jenner as Maleficent

Technically not a princess, but I'll TAKE it. So fierce.

For all the images, check out the gallery on Refinery29.

Images: Courtesy of Refinery29