Make Snitch Cake Pops To Celebrate Harry's B-Day

I guess Harry Potter was pretty smart setting his birthday bar so low when he rang in the seminal age 11 with a dirt cake he drew himself in some dust on the floor of a satellite tower of Alcatraz. This year, though, he/you/I/everyone should celebrate properly: golden snitch cake pops. Uh, doooy.

How do you usually celebrate birthdays, anyway? I guess it depends on the person. This weekend is a close girlfriend's birthday and we're planning on just grabbing dinner then meeting folks for drinks at a nearby bar. There might be ping pong involved but that's about the extent. Perhaps this sounds paltry to some, but my friend swears it's more than enough.

But what about Harry Potter? It's his birthday today. He turns... um... a whole new year older! How about that? I bet Harry'd get into a little ping pong action, especially if it also involved frozen Coke and Jack Daniels slushies (which this place does). However, the wizards of the Internet developed a much more fitting celebratory indulgence: golden snitch cake pops. It seems fairly easy to make. Like one of those secretly simple recipes that look like you really know your stuff in the kitchen, aka one of my favorite things ever. What you need to do:

Bake a boxed yellow cake

I made these while wasted in college all the time — and, fine, one or seven times as an official adult, too. It's insanely easy.

Mash up said yellow cake


Add literally butter and sugar

Some call it "frosting" or "icing," even.

Only a few more steps to go from there! Peep the video tutorial in full below and get ready to blow out some cake pop action this weekend:

So there you have it. You now have the power to craft golden snitch cake pops and dazzle the work with your perceived culinary talents. That, or you could always just hot glue feathers to Ferrero Rocher candies like my mom did for that one Harry Potter-themed baby shower she threw. Choose your own adventure, bb.

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