This Crazy Nail Trend Is Blowing Up On Instagram

by Lindsey Rose Black

Instead of a relaxing little experience, getting a manicure now often involves insane feats of art. The most recent crazy trend spotted by PopSugar is the bubble nail. These mad nail creations involve layers (and layers) of acrylic to create a wild 3-D effect.

Instagram always unveils the most daring new looks in fashion and beauty, and these nails are no exception. If you live for changing up your style and are already addicted to nail polish, the bubble nail may need to be next on your must-try list.

Keep in mind, though, acrylic nails require special care. And maintaining nails with tons of acrylic layers is probably going to get intense! If regular maintenance isn't your thing, you might be better served just painting your own nails with these ten foolproof nail polish colors.

But shoot, if you're up for the level of care required and willing to struggle through the challenges bubble nails probably include (like, um, how do you snap a bra or open a plastic container?), then do it! Heck, you can even match the bubble nails with statement bauble jewelry for some legit outfit and accessory coordination. Be sure to post a pic on IG if you decide to try it out!

Here are 15 bubble looks to consider if you're into it.

1. Jewels on Jewels

2. Luscious Lemon

3. Bedazzled Pastel

4. Green Goddess

5. Supa Cheetah

6. Big Kiss

7. Bubble Toes

8. Pearled Princess

9. Hot Hot Pink

10. Mermaid Glam

11. Aloha Blooms

12. Trippy Mini Bubbles

13. Bubblegum Fun

14. The Bubbled Over

15. Sparklin' Chocolate

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