5 Things You Never Knew About Alexander Wang

by Augusta Statz

Now that Balenciaga is officially looking for a new creative director, let’s direct our sights towards the young designer who said “Peace” to such a well-known brand. Despite how big of a fan you might be, you’ll be surprised to learn these five things you never knew about Alexander Wang because this self-made fashion mogul never ceases to surprise us with his designs or career decisions (even though some of us saw his Balenciaga break-up coming).

Up until this point, the 27-year-old was managing not one, but two fashion brands, and a reporter from The Wall Street Journal sat down with him to find out the one question everyone is wondering: How does he do it? His work ethic, he admits, is at least partly inherited from his parents. As for where the rest of his drive comes from, we may never know for sure (he can’t dish out all of his secrets), but his passion for fashion and strong aesthetic definitely amounts for some of it.

And now that he’ll have more time on his hands to focus solely on his own brand, it’s exciting to think where the already hugely successful label could go from here. I can’t wait to continue learning more about Wang and what design plans he has up his (black) sleeves.

Let’s start the learning process with these five facts about the designer:

1. Jet-setting Is Calming

"Flying’s very therapeutic,” he tells WSJ. “It gives me a chance to reflect.” Bouncing across the globe is a piece of cake for this city-slicker. I could have guessed as much.

2. He Gets Four Massages A Month

Ahh, so this is how he stays refreshed. I should look into doing this myself!

3. He Has A Dog Named Uni

Uni has a black leather teepee instead of a dog house, according to WSJ. And of course she does.

4. He Emails Himself 20 Time A Day

When you're as busy as Wang is, you even have to email yourself to make sure you get things done.

5. His First Collection Only Had Six Pieces

Randy Brooke/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ahh, how times have changed.

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