13 Texts Every 'Game of Thrones' Fan Has Sent

One of the great things about a popular series like HBO's Game of Thrones is that since the community is so vast, even if you're watching by yourself in the living room, you're never completely alone. Whether you follow live-tweeters or text your friends about Game of Thrones, we're all experiencing the Westeros drama together.

Even if you've never picked up George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and just follow the television adaptation, there are plenty of surprises and scads to talk about when it comes to Game of Thrones. I wanna know which of my friends are watching, if they're caught up, and what their level of engagement is (lest I scare somebody with my enthusiasm about Dorne). There are so many deaths and major moments on the show that none of us can wait to pick up the phone and parse over the details with our nearest and dearest. When the show is on hiatus, there are still theories and aspects of the world that pepper our day to day conversation. To fans, it's as much a part of our vocabulary as emojis.

Here are some texts that I guarantee you've sent or received over the past five years of Game of Thrones fan fury.

1. When You're Getting Psyched Up

Who else sings "Gaaaaaaaaaaaame of Throoooooooooones" along with the main theme?

2. Any Time Melisandre Does Anything

She's the WORST.

3. When We Get Bad News

"Send me the link ASAP!"

4. Precautionary Messages

Zip it, or we're not friends anymore.

5. When Drogon Does The Thing

To be fair, most of the texts I send while watching Game of Thrones are variations on "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!"

6. Middle Of The Week Musing

Where is he?! You can only row so far.

7. More Lannister Doubt

He did push Bran and his relationship with Cersei is a hot mess, but by Game of Thrones standards he's not that bad.

8. Real Life Fantasies

I've had days (and roommates/exes/former coworkers) like those.

9. While You're Making Popcorn

All men must watch Game of Thrones.

10. Friendly Hypotheticals

There are some things we don't joke about.

11. It's About To Go Down

We know by now that it's the penultimate episodes in a season that have all the drama.

12. If Your Fave's Having A Moment

Well, insert your favorite character and their respective elongated vowels.

13. When That Finale Drops

Besides theorizing about what's next and analyzing every one of Kit Harrington's movements, the best way to deal with hiatus is start over and re-watch the whole thing.

Images: Leah Thomas (13)