Us introverts are often a misunderstood bunch. No, we're not always shy or have a social phobia, but we do appreciate our alone time. Extroverts recharge by being around people, whereas the introverted population favors solitude to get our energy levels up. But what happens when you're out at karaoke and the spotlight suddens shines on you? You get up and sing, of course! That's why I compiled a list of songs for introverts.

So what makes a song perfect for an introvert? In some cases, it lets us use our more reserved sides to perform it. (I'm looking at you, ballads!) Other tracks are a tongue-in-cheek play on the fact that we like to spend time by ourselves. Some of the songs acknowledge qualities introverts tends to have, like being observant or thoughtful, or the fact that introverts usually have small groups of close friends. In any event, these tracks celebrate an introvert's personality and lifestyle because we all recharge in our own ways.

Ready for your next night out in the karaoke scene? It's always good to have a few singable tracks ready to go, so check out the songs below for the introverts' musical inspirations!

"All By Myself" — Eric Carmen

Okay, so maybe this song is about not wanting to be alone, but who can resist belting "all by myself"?

"With A Little Help From My Friends" — The Beatles

Introverts tend to have intimate social circles, so it makes sense that their friends are a great support system.

"Alone" — Heart

This track is all about that person who brings you out of your shell, even when you're used to spending time alone.

"Me, Myself And I" — Beyonce

This is your Beyonce PSA, reminding you that in the end, you've got to depend on yourself.

"I Know Places" — Taylor Swift

It's okay, Taylor Swift knows places where you can be alone.

"Dancing On My Own" — Robyn

For those moments when you're in the middle of the party, but you still feel alone.

"Transatlanticism" — Death Cab For Cutie

This song radiates the solemness of being by yourself.

"Don't Speak" — No Doubt

Because sometimes you just prefer silence.

"In My Room" — The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys said it better than anywhere else. They knew exactly where to go to be alone with their thoughts.