Ciara & Her Son Are A Stylish, Well-Matched Duo

You know who is one of the most stylish and snazzily dressed celeb kids on the block, since he and his mom are a well-matched duo? Oh, just Ciara's well-dressed and oft-photographed son Future! Ciara often dresses her baby boy in outfits similar to her own, but they don't gain as much notoriety as, say, North West and her attire.

Future is totally Cici's mini me, but their matching clothes are never too precious or weird. Future's outfits merely fall deliciously in line with those of his mother!

The R&B singer has split with the boy's father, the rapper also named Future, and she is currently loved up with Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. She has been tirelessly promoting her new album. But it's beyond obvious that being a mom to this little and well-dressed tyke is her Numero Uno priority and her true passion.

Ciara really puts a lot of care and thought into lil Future's ensembles. But she never borders on ridiculous with his fashions. She just posted a photo from their day at the zoo and they each wore a white top with mirrored aviators. It was probably the most adorable mommy and me snap I've seen all summer.

These two are almost always in sync. See 15 times they were totally twinning in the most appropriate and adorable ways.

Gotta love a sharp-dressed tot! Cici and Future were matchy-matchy from the beginning.

1. Aviators

Those glasses were on a whole other level.

2. Prints

Both Ciara and her boy rocked prints. Granted, they were not identical prints, but pair was in step.

3. Casual Playtime

Ciara and Future were simple and casual during playtime.

4. Throwback!

Now we know where lil' Future got his good looks, thanks to this side-by-side comparison.

5. Klassic Kicks

They matched their classic white kicks. I can't with them. A "mini" version of anything is always cute, be it sneakers or puppies!

6. Mouseketeers

Ciara and Future were celebrating with mouse ears! Aw!

7. Natural

On his first photo shoot, little Future and mom got natural with zero pretense.

8. Monochromatic In Black

It was an all-black attack! They both looked flawless in dark threads.

9. Monochromatic In White

They each wore holiday onesies in white. So, so sweet.

10. Koordinated Kicks

Their sneaker game is strong and they often have mommy and me sizes.

11. Holiday Twinning

Aw! You gotta love those matching Santa hats. They are holiday staples.

12. Parkas 'N' Work Boots

Mom and baby kept warm in puffy parkas with hoods. They also went with sensible work boots on their feet.

13. Denim Duo

These two rocked denim overalls. Classic and cute, for sure.

14. Camo Cuties

Even when Future was a tiny tyke, he and mom fell in step and were camo cuties with a military vibe.

15. Phonin' It In

Twinning even with their headgear.

Ciara and Future have such coordinated style, mainly in their street chic. What a fabulously well-dressed little man.

Images: Ciara/Instagram (16)