Kim Kardashian and Givenchy are a match made in fashion heaven. In honor of his birthday, Kim K posted a picture with the Givenchy Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci, and because the two make such a fashionable pair, see seven of Kim K's best Givenchy looks to celebrate this birthday in style!

Kardashian’s good at wearing clothes, and Tisci’s good at dressing her, so this team really couldn’t be any better. Kim K’s definitely been seen in the Givenchy label a time or two — her gorgeous wedding dress serving as the prime example. I know she wished him a happy birthday and all, but she must really love this man to have chosen his design house to make her wedding dress. And she didn’t just choose the brand for her big day — she wears it on more of an everyday basis. There’s been more than one Givenchy OOTD, that’s for sure.

Tisci and Kardashian definitely have a good thing going on, and I can’t wait to see more of their fashion fusion in the future. Because I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Tisci's birthday, let’s check out a bunch of times that he and Kim K have totally killed it together.

1. All Black Givenchy

All black everything and head to toe Givenchy. Now, that's one heck of an OOTD!

2. Pink Fur

I mean, who could say no to a giant pink fur coat?

3. Cover Shoot

She's looking super sexy in Givenchy for the cover of Elle France.

4. Lace-Up Bodysuit

This look became SO popular after she wore it, and I know why!

5. Sheer Lace

This is Kim K's favorite look of 2014? Funny, it's mine too.

6. Blinged Out Blazer

Gotta love a good low-cut, blinged OUT blazer.

7. Best Of All

Last, but not least...

Happy Birthday, Riccardo Tisci!