Orlando Bloom Got Wasted With 'The Hobbit' Dwarves: 8 Other Middle Earth Dwellers We Want To Party With

Apparently, elves are the life of the party. Orlando Bloom stopped by Chelsea Lately on Dec. 4 and let everyone know just how much fun working on The Hobbit has been — Bloom and costar Evangeline Lilly have been getting wasted with the film's dwarves. Citizens of Middle Earth that drink together, stay together.

The actor shared a hilarious story about a dwarf he knew that would "bite people's bottoms" at parties and when asked by the talk show host whether or not he'd do that if he were a small person, he responded, "I'm not a dwarf and I do that." So basically, the elves and dwarves of Middle Earth are wild party animals that will bite your "bottom" after a few ales.

We'd definitely drink with you, Orlando Bloom, but only if you wear that long, blonde wig and your pointy ears. Here's our list of Middle Earth characters we'd want to party with.

Gandalf The Grey

Because, Sir Ian McKellan. But also because Gandalf is a badass with a lifetime of epic adventure stories and an impressive selection of fireworks. Pyrotechnics are a pivotal component to every successful party.

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Flaming shots for everyone! But seriously, he's been sleeping with enough gold to buy flaming bottle service for everyone in the club, a hundred times over. Take that, Pitbull.

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Young Bilbo Baggins

You could definitely convince Young Bilbo to get into some crazy shenanigans after he knocks back a few.

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Samwise Gamgee

He'd take you home, he might try to kiss you, but he'd definitely be supportive in your quest for and/or make you amazing drunk food. Just a good, safe drinking companion.

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Radagast The Brown

Probably the drunk guy at the party you find in the dining room playing with your cat, which is totally fine because he's really fun to hang out with and probably will take you for a drunken ride on his rabbit-drawn sled.

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Peregrin "Pippin" Took

The most fun, the most drunk, and if you wake up in a garden somewhere, he's probably right next to you.

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Old Bilbo Baggins

I was skeptical about Old Bilbo because even though he has some great stories to tell, he's batshit crazy after spending so much time with the ring. No one wants to be on eggshells waiting for him to freak out at the party like that one time in Rivendell, but because of the potential for great storytelling we invited him anyway.

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Hey, Legolas, we're partying with your dad. He's been the Elvenking for 3,000 years — that means serious war stories and an even more serious tolerance for alcohol. Legolas had to learn to party somewhere, right?

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