280 Movies + 'Uptown Funk' = Greatness

I may have pledged a blood oath that I'd never willingly listen to "Uptown Funk" again after its incessant, endless abuse by my local radio stations, but I might just have to backtrack, thanks to a 280 movie mashup version of "Uptown Funk" that somehow succeeds in making the song a must-listen once more. According to Entertainment Weekly, a YouTube user named DonDraperSaysWhat (a fantastic user name, but that's besides the point) took three months to put this compilation together, and trust me: the final product is worth his effort. There's everyone from James Bond to The Terminator to Jonah Hill in Superbad singing along the words to the hit song, and somehow, it works perfectly.

But if you don't believe me and you're sitting there shaking your head at your computer screen saying, "Oh hell, no. I'm not listening to that song ever again," let me put it this way. Yes, Bruno Mars' hit has been played to its maximum capacity, but this mashup should be your exception to the "not again" rule. Do it for all of the underpaid, under-appreciated artists of the world. Do it because you probably can't even list 80 film names, let alone 280. Do it because it's pretty damn good.

Actually, you should do it especially because it's Mark Ronson-approved. Yup, the mad genius behind the crazy, addictive, ear worm of a song (he produced "Uptown Funk", with Mars providing vocals) gave his kudos to the mashup's maker on Twitter. He wrote, "This Uptown Funk video is insane. dondrapersayswhat, I salute you." We all salute you, dude. But, I'm sure that Ronson's shout out means the most.

You can check out the awesome "'Uptown Funk' Sung by the Movies," video here, and see how many movies you can name (while you attempt to get the song out of your head, but trust me — it's not gonna happen):