Do You Know What Your Dog Is Really Thinking?

There are times when you may have wanted to connect with your dog through extra-sensory perception — for instance, like when you're stuck across town at work for too long, or on vacation and the dog probably thinks she's been abandoned. Is this wishful thinking of a caring dog owner now a reality? "Pet communicator" Livia Zeimet tells This Dog's Life she can mentally connect with animals, especially dogs, and she makes a living doing so. Sometimes the bicoastal Zeimet even conducts phone consultations on behalf of animals who are thousands of miles away.

As reported by This Dog's Life, Zeimet got an early clue to her alleged special talents of communication when she "felt" the pain radiating from steaks served to her as a child — an emotion she believes she experienced because the animals were connecting with her. Over time, she gained experience working at a German dog shelter as a walker, and then studying communication in New York before she entered a private pet practice. These days, pet owners ask Zeimet to help them understand what's going on with their furry friends when they misbehave, have potty training problems, or are going through tough end-of-life issues. Zeimet says she can meditatively focus on the particular animal and get an accurate read of its desires, fears, and motivations in a way that most other people cannot.

To be fair, when it comes to both dogs and humans alike, no one has ever been able to scientifically prove themselves as having telepathic powers, not even with a large cash prize for psychics on the table for over 50 years. However, there's definitely a market for people boasting this line of work — as This Dog's Life points out, there was even an entire reality show on Animal Planet called the Pet Psychic, and it's clear that self-described pet psychics may actually be skilled with animals. However, whether you choose to see one or go visit a regular old behaviorist is completely up to you.

Image: amixstudio/Fotolia; Giphy