North West Is A Soccer Star Just Like Kim

North West is growing up so fast! It feels like just yesterday the tiny tyke was in mom Kim Kardashian's arms. This weekend, Kardashian proudly took photos of North playing soccer just like she used to, and it's not the only time mommy and child have mirrored each other. The proud mom boasted in the captions of the photos, "Officially a soccer mom! #MyLittleGoalie." Kardashian seemed overjoyed that her little girl is playing soccer, a sport that, yes, Momma Kim once played — Us Weekly has an undated photo of a young Kim in her soccer uniform and holding a soccer ball. Like mother, like daughter, it seems.

Kardashian is currently expecting her second child with Kanye West and it looks like she's relishing the moments with North before their bouncing baby No. 2 arrives. North is now 2 years old and getting cuter by the day. The little gal is also reflecting her mom in many different ways, which Kardashian has noticed. A few months ago, Kardashian posted on Instagram a split photo of North and baby Kim at the same age — it was almost like looking at the same person! The apple certainly hasn't fallen far from the tree.

In addition to the soccer field, here are some other times North has echoed her mom Kim.

They Both Look Fabulous In The Morning

Clearly, North and Kim win at looking good in the a.m.

They Both Love Their Dads

Kim's dad Robert Kardashian may have passed away years ago, but she keeps him memory alive with pics on her Instagram. As for North, it looks like she loves spending time with dad Kanye.

They Love Easter Egg Hunts

But then again, who doesn't? They're so fun.

They've Both Rocked The City In Fancy White Dresses

Both ladies look flawless in the color.

They Both Love Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Kim and North definitely feel a lot of love for Disney.

They Both Love Animals

So. Cute.

And that's just so far. Kardashian and her daughter will probably grow to have more in common as time goes on, and post more adorable pictures as proof.