Ronda Rousey's Knockout Scared All Haters Away

Ronda Rousey isn't someone you bad-mouth. Like, ever. Rousey knocked out Bethe Correia in 34 seconds, and maintained her title as undefeated UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. And then she told her opponent not to cry, according to SB Nation. Yup, she's tough. Although she has been the subject of a number of sexist comments and debates within the UFC world, Rousey doesn't have many haters on social media after Saturday's knockout — and for good reason.

In fact, most Twitter users are so supportive of Rousey that they have preemptively attacked the haters before the haters could actually say anything. Many have tweeted Instagram videos of her fight, other fitness stars have tweeted praise for her athleticism, and there is a general sense that Rousey doesn't "fight like a girl" (whatever that means).

Social media users pointed out that you don't want to be an opponent who has talked trash about Rousey or any of her family members. Correia had previously made suicide jokes about the match with Rousey, made all the more awful because Rousey's father died by suicide. Though Correia claimed that she didn't know how Rousey's father had died before she made comments about Rousey, other fighters claim that Correia "absolutely" knew and made the remarks anyways, according to MMA Fighting. Correia did an interview with Combate, a Brazilian MMA television channel, in May when she spoke about Rousey:

She is not mentally healthy, she needs to take care of herself. She is winning, so everybody is around her cheering her up, but when she realizes she is not everything that she believes she is, I don't know what might happen. I hope she does not kill herself later on.

In interviews after, Rousey said she was going to prolong the fight with Correia to teach her a lesson, according to MMA Fighting. The fact that she didn't seemed even more badass to Twitter users.

Then, Twitter got really creative and started a hashtag #ThingsShorterThanARouseyFight, and all hell broke loose.

Rousey didn't have many haters on social media, and any sexist claims were immediately shot down.

Image: Getty Images