9 Life Lessons From 'RHOC's Meghan King Edmonds

Even though she hasn't even been on a full season of the show yet and is still the groups' newbie, Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds has already shared plenty of wisdom and become a fan-favorite on the Bravo series. There's nothing that Meghan can't work through on RHOC and, frankly it's quit inspirational. The 30-year-old reality star has doled out many great pieces of advice for anyone else who might end up on the show — or anyone who just needs a bit of encouragement in their daily life. How could you not be a fan?

One of the things that's been great about having Meghan on the show is that, since she's new to both the show and Orange County, she's open to both learning and making mistakes. She represents the faux pas we're all guilty of when meeting new people, starting a new job, or doing anything for the first time. And her attitude is like a mix between "give up and drink wine" memes and "never stop working" memes, which makes are so incredibly relatable. When she makes a mistake, she usually owns up to it — I'll bet that in the reunion she and Vicki at least try to make peace. Even though Vicki has been unreasonably aggressive towards her, in my opinion. Plus, even though not many of us are gorgeous former models, Meghan sure does demonstrate the power of accepting yourself and always knowing your worth.

So, if you're not already a fan of Meghan King Edmonds, here's nine perfectly good reasons why you should be, like, yesterday.

1. Always Share Your Full Name On The Phone

If not, you risk being mistaken for a telemarketer.

2. It's OK To Make Mistakes While Co-Parenting

Meghan's been the subject of some criticism about how she's dealing with her new stepdaughter and their new living arrangement. But as Meghan's written in her Bravo blog before, she's made mistakes and she's not worried about them — that's how you learn.

3. Being The Youngest Person In The Room Doesn't Mean You Can't Speak Up

Meghan hasn't let her age stop her from sharing her opinion about just about anything.

4. Always Take It From The Source

This applies to gossip as well as wine tasting.

5. It Pays To Be The #CoolMom

Maybe Meghan's stepchildren don't quite think she's cool, but I (and the rest of her fans) do.

6. You Don't Have To Be Friends With Everyone

Even though Meghan is the newbie, she's already gotten into conflicts with Shannon and Vicki, two of her "elders," as well as Lizzie. And even her friends Tamra and Heather have gotten in on the bashing a little bit. But, Meghan has paid no mind to the haters, because she doesn't seem to care about making friends on the show.

7. Letting Yourself Go Because You're Married? Not An Option

Not only does Meghan still look phenomenal now that she's an old married lady (and by that I mean a very young and still incredibly hot married lady, of course), but she's also not resting on her laurels because she managed to land a rich husband. She's working on a ton of different projects and remodeling their house. Definitely not the bored housewife some members of the cast seem to expect.

8. Pink Hair Can Be Deep

Meghan dyed her hair bright pink in order to honor the death of Jim's first wife, LeAnn. While she's received criticism for the tribute, Meghan has stuck by her choice, saying that people needed to stop judging her and think about LeAnn — who she claims would have loved the bold change.

9. Don't Follow Any Rules — Even Your Own

As Meghan said in the first Real Housewives of Orange C ounty trailer: if she always followed the rules, she would have never gone out with Jim Edmonds at all. He was older than her, an athlete, and wanted her to move to California. Even though she might have changed careers a few times and thrown everything into flux, Meghan always seems to know what she wants and, even if she makes mistakes, she still has plenty of wisdom to share.

Images: Vivian Zink, Screenshot/Bravo (4)