Dementia Cases Expected To Triple, Rob Ford, and Man Boobs: In Other News

A new report released ahead of the G8 dementia summit in London (that's a thing) finds that the world is horribly underprepared for just how old we're all about to get. The rate of dementia — and Alzheimer's disease — is expected to triple by 2050. How will we deal with the fact that the entire world is about to forget it left the stove on? Apparently, not well. TIME reports:

Meanwhile, this real "lesson" on gravity is making the rounds on Reddit.

To be fair, this quiz was administered at a private religious school in Florida. But, still. Poor kids are going to be so confused in high school physics.

In very sad news, this woman live-tweeted her husbands' death.

Incoming New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to name William J. Bratton to lead the New York Police Department — but don't worry, stop-and-frisk is still on its way out. And people are still angry about the Onion's stop-and-kiss video:

The Onion on YouTube

New York magazine asks: Who knows better what men want on OKCupid? Men, or women?

Everyone's favorite caricature Rob Ford is denying allegations that he tried to buy his own crack smoking video.

He may also want to pay attention to this new warning that smoking weed might lead to man boobs.

And finally, watch a monkey teach a man how to play his favorite game. It's. Almost. Friday.