The 'Significant Mother' Cast On The CW Will Definitely Look Familiar

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The CW has a history of making hit series after hit series. Will the newest CW show, Significant Mother , and its premise hit the mark as well? Well, that all depends on whether the Significant Mother cast can deliver convincing and entertaining performances. And, judging by the star power behind these characters, they'll do just that.

The series follows Nate as he comes home to find out that his lethario best friend and his mother are dating. Now he must deal with how that affects his relationship with both of them as well as how it will affect his own dating life. What will most likely make the premise work is the cast that backs up the series. Most of the cast members are regulars on TV, some of which have quite the following. In fact, most of these faces will be quite recognizable, especially if you like The CW or ABC Family.

Images: The CW Network

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