Are Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Dating? The Model’s Instagram Might Have The Answer

Since early this summer, rumors have been flying about a potential relationship happening between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye). Now that it's been well established that her sister, Gigi Hadid is dating Joe Jonas, I've been pretty curious about what Bella's up to, and it sounds like she's been wrapped up in a guy of her own. Unfortunately, though, the relationship is pretty fuzzy — at least, as far as outsiders are concerned. Hadid has yet to confirm her boyfriend, although there's plenty of evidence out there that points to the fact that they are actually together. So what's the truth? Are Hadid and The Weeknd dating? One of her latest Instagram posts definitely seems to confirm their relationship.

On Sunday, Hadid posted a photo of her sister, Gigi, with The Weeknd, and it's captioned "my hearts" (but, you know, with an actual heart). This photo could mean one of two things: She and The Weeknd are madly in love, or she and The Weeknd are just BFFs. Either way, the photo is definitely cute, and there has to be some level of closeness there if he's already hanging out with her family, right? I mean, look at this:

Obviously, an investigation needed to be launched. And according to my findings? It's more than likely these two are together.

She's Posted Photos Of Gigi & The Weeknd Together Before

This is from when The Weeknd introduced Gigi at the 2015 Much Music Awards, and aside from the fact that it's super cute, it's also very telling. I mean, obvs Bella might just be proud of her sister, but more likely she's thrilled to see her two favorite people on stage together. I love that Bella won't post a photo of herself with The Weeknd, just Gigi. It's a pretty cute/coy way of confirming their relationship without confirming it.

Sources Say It's Happening

OK, so I know that taking evidence from "sources" is about the same as citing Wikipedia on a research paper, but it's still something, right? Back in May, anonymous insiders close to the couple told Us Weekly — which is generally pretty reputable — that Hadid and The Weeknd are an item. And I'm pretty willing to take their word for it.

Apparently, Their Love Began At Coachella

More sources told E! that they "clicked" while hanging out at Coachella (where he was performing) and that the time they spent together there was kind of the catalyst that set off their connection. At the time, the supposed source said:

They were hanging out in Coachella and were flirting lots. They have many things in common and really enjoyed each other's company. She loves his music as well. They are hanging out for sure now.

Yup, this definitely sounds like it's happening to me. Now, it's time for the real question: Can The Weeknd feel his face when he's with her? Asking for a friend.