7 Jon Snow Is Alive 'Game Of Thrones' T-Shirts That Basically Confirm He Needs To Return To Westeros

HBO's Game of Thrones is amazingly detailed world full of robust charters, and intricate storylines. However, my main focus since the heart-stopping season finale has been the fate of Lord Commander Jon Snow. Though A Song of Ice of Fire writer George R.R. Martin has made it no secret that he finds a great deal of joy in killing off fan favorites, and HBO GoT show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have eagerly followed suit, nothing could have prepared me for Jon's demise. Witnessing the curly headed Lord Commander bleeding out in the freshly fallen snow after having been betrayed by his cowardly brothers of the Night's Watch was just too much to handle.

I still cannot reconcile his death as permanent part of the show, and, luckily, there have been a ton of theories, and a bit of evidence, that Ned Stark's bastard will be returning to the world of Westeros in the near future. With winter rapidly approaching on the show, no one is going to survive the White Walkers' wrath without Jon's head for strategy and combat. As we desperately await next spring for the sixth season of the series to premiere, many GoT fans have taken Jon's possible demise much further than personal research and posts on the Internet.

Declarations that Jon Snow lives have spilled out into the things we wear and the purchases that we make. Here are seven hilarious Jon Snow Is Not Dead t-Shirts that prove just how loved he is.

1. This Hoodie Which States The Obvious

Emilia Clarke's character Daenerys Targaryen is definitely the lady in charge on Game of Thrones. If she 's wearing this hoodie that declares Jon lives, then who are we to question Khalessi?

2. Starks Are Hard To Kill

Poor Robb might have already met his demise along with his parents, but the rest of the Starks are still alive and kicking. As Jon Snow told Robb in one of their last moments together, "You Starks are hard to kill." Even if the R+J=L theory is correct, Jon still has Stark blood running through his veins.

3. These Crows Ain't Loyal

Olly was understandably upset when Jon decided to form an alliance with the WIldlings. However, the fact that the other Night's Watchmen refused to see Jon's logic is astounding to me. Clearly, being brothers in black means little, and neither does loyalty.

4. What Winter?

Sometimes the best way to deal with grief is flat out denial. If winter isn't really coming, then Jon Snow can't be dead.

5. This Edited T-Shirt

I was utterly devastated after watching the season finale of GoT. Since Jon needs all positive thoughts and encouragement, this edited "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow" is a clever way to get our feeling across.

6. Say It Ain't Snow

It's NOT!! He's not dead, and there is so much we need to find out about him. I, for one, am convinced that Jon Snow is the key to ending this entire power struggle.

7. Let It Snow

This shirt basically says it all. Winter is coming and Jon Snow will return.

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