6 College Orientation Outfit Ideas, Plus Tips For Making Sure Whatever You Choose Works Out Perfectly

Like it or not, college orientation is valuable. It's the first time you'll really get to meet your new classmates and get a bit of a feel for what college life is actually going to be like. Plus, you get to pick out some cute college orientation outfits for the big day.

Hey, I'm all about learning — but learning and wanting to look cute are not mutually exclusive. Figuring out how to present yourself on the first day of what so many people have told you is the most important day of your life can feel extra overwhelming.

The thing to remember is that everyone is as nervous as you are and that, while this is a good opportunity to make a first impression and meet some friends, this is just one day in your whole four year stint at this college. Your orientation outfit is not going to make or break your collegiate experience, but not getting the classes you need to graduate or knowing where those classes actually are is going to prove to be a problem.

My advice? Look your best, express yourself, feel good, and actually learn a thing or two with these tips for picking a first day orientation outfit.

1. Be Comfortable

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I know that comfort looks different to different people, so I totally advocate for you wearing a dress or whatever else you want. Just make sure that you're actually able to breathe when you sit down, move around easily from campus to campus, and that the outfit you pick isn't going to make you worry about creating a wardrobe malfunction all day. You're supposed to be learning all about how your student health insurance works, but you can't if you're worrying about a wayward boob/tube top situation.

2. Utilize Accessories For Practicality

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You're going to be receiving a ton of information so you don't want to worry about dropping your login to the computer system or losing your meal card. Bring a bag that actually holds things and looks cute so that you can stash new info and carry essentials without stressing.

3. Don't Wear Heels

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Just don't do it. Seriously. You have no idea what kind of terrain you're going to be covering on the walk around school and there's probably going to be some kind of cheesy activity that you're supposed to partake in, so be prepared and wear something flat and comfortable that lets you move.

4. Attract Friends With Personal Touches

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When you don't know anyone and are desperate for someone to talk to, you're probably going to look for someone who looks like the kind of human you could get along with or have things in common with. When you don't know anyone, that's probably going to (unfortunately) be based on appearance. You can turn this from a shallow thing to something that works in your favor, though, by wearing accessories or clothes that express your interests. That Kendrick Lamar T-shirt, Broad City nail decals, or phone case with your favorite artist's design go past the purely visual and say a bit about who you are and what you like.

5. Make It Versatile

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After you've made it through the trek and managed to stay awake through the most boring of info sessions, you might have made some new friends or be looking to find some fellow orientation survivors to get to know. Whether there's an organized mixer or an invitation for a casual hangout, picking an outfit that works for a post-orientation casual hangout at the all-day breakfast joint or at the pub near campus means that you can jump at the opportunity to hang out with your new potential pals right away.

6. Plan Ahead

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Your whole life is probably still going to be at least a little bit in boxes and if you haven't got your storage system perfected just yet, knowing what you want to wear ahead of time is key. Not only will it be clean, ready, and waiting, but outfit planning always puts me in a calmer frame of mind by helping me visualize the day and be prepared.

Hey, fashion as therapy: I'm here for it. Plus, it's the perfect mantra for the chaos of orientation week.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy Brands