New 'Orphan Black' Season 2 Details Will Make You Wish It Was April 19th RIGHT NOW

At least once a day, I remember that with every passing minute, we are just a tiny bit closer to the season two premiere of Orphan Black. It's right about that point that I have to hold in screams of excitement, and remember that I am an adult woman who can control her emotions even in the face of one of the best shows on television. That said — all my effort went right out the window when I saw the first image from season two of Orphan Black released on the EW website today. You'll have to head over to the link to check it out as I can't embed it here, but a word of advice: You might want to make sure you're not around people when you see it, because you might have a fangirl meltdown. Sarah! Rachel! Sarah showing Rachel just how badass she is and not to mess with her! AHH ORPHAN BLACK!

I'm sorry. But if you've ever seen this show, you know my excitement is justified.

Even better: In addition to the still, EW also included some intel from creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, about what to expect from the second season when it premieres in April of next year (Note: If anyone owns a time-traveling DeLorean and is interested in carpooling with me, please contact me on Twitter. I promise I'm a good road trip buddy.)

Amongst the highlights in Fawcett and Manson's interview:

W: What else, if anything, can you tell us about this image here and what it means for season 2?MANSON: Probably that if Rachel launched the first volley in this war, this is one of Sarah’s steps in this war.

Classic Sarah. Considering that season one ended with Sarah discovering that her daughter, Kira, had been kidnapped, I imagine Rachel is in for much worse than this.

EW: Season 1 on any show is all about introducing the story and the characters, and it’s essentially setting the table. And if you do it right, a lot people want to come sit down at that table. But now, in season 2 what do you do to keep them sitting there?MANSON: Right off the bat we’ve really hit the ground running. We left a lot up in the air, so it’s been a lot of fun figuring out how and when and where those balls land and how they land in unexpected ways. As for Rachel, we did leave last season knowing that Rachel was a child of Neolution, therefore much connected to the origins of the experiment. So I think Rachel is going to help to open a window for us and we ’re going to begin to understand a lot more about the conspiracy.

FAWCETT: Plus, I also think one of the big things we’re going to have to deal with in season 2, which is finding its own twists and turns, is Cosima’s illness. And that is a very pressing bit of drama that is not just straight ahead. It’s got a lot of mystery to it. It’s got a lot of twists and turns to it and it is thematically a big part of season 2 also.

MANSON: It’s a genetic mystery. It’s a genetic biological mystery and it feeds into some of our body horror and it feeds into our science mystery.

If Cosima dies, I will riot. WE ALL ALL RIOT.

EW: Body horror! Nice! Okay, so would it be safe to assume we will be seeing some new clones this season?FAWCETT: I think of course it’s safe to assume that. We are really excited about doing that. We want to do it in a way that is unexpected. We want to do it at a time that’s unexpected. But it is obviously something that we talk about a lot. And it’s part of the fun of making Orphan Black and making a show about clones is that we can be having those discussions. We have some surprises in store.

MANSON: Yes, we do.

New clones? OK. It officially needs to be April RIGHT NOW. I cannot wait another five months for this show to come back.

As previously reported, Orphan Black will return for season two on both BBC America and Canada's Space Channel on April 19. Head over to EW to check out their exclusive still from season two.

Image: BBC America