Is Britney Spears Still Under A Conservatorship? The Agreement Could Be "Indefinite"

The Britney Spears that the world sees and loves today is very different from the one who seemed to pop up out of nowhere just a few years ago, when Spears shaved her head and had to be removed from her home after a confrontation with police. The 33-year-old now headlines her own residency in Las Vegas and Forbes announced she was the highest-paid female musician in 2012. Her evolution in recent years is a great thing, but even with her success Britney Spears remains under a conservatorship headed by her father, Jamie Spears, and it looks like things will remain that way — indefinitely.

A source who claims to be close to the Spears family told Us Weekly, "There is no reason to break the conservatorship with everything working so well. Everything is working perfectly under this arrangement and it will stay that way."

There's no mention of whether Spears approves of this arrangement, which gives a team that includes her dad, attorneys, and medical experts the authority to make financial decisions for her, or if she's pissed off at the thought that she has come so far and worked hard to regain her career, yet isn't allowed to decide how she spends or invests her hard-earned money. Before anyone jumps to conclusions and assumes Spears' independence is being held hostage by people who should have her best interests in mind, it's important to remember the decision to continue with the conservatorship could be the best thing for Spears, and that it might even be her idea.

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The pop singer's concerned father filed an emergency petition in 2008 to take control over his daughter's finances and estate after she was placed in psychiatric care, according to Us Weekly. According to Forbes, one of the reasons for continuing the conservatorship could be that Spears has a psychological condition, but as the publication points out, many people with psychological conditions are in control of their finances.

Forbes also makes mention of several lawsuits filed against Spears, including one launched by her former manager, Sam Lufti, accusing the mom of two of breaching their contract. Her conservatorship apparently protected her from having to stand trial, though the publication argues that since she has been cleared of all charges, that isn't a valid reason to keep the conservatorship agreement in place.

It's conceivable there is more to the reasons behind Spears' conservatorship, and it's not anyone's business to find out what, if anything, more is happening, unless the singer decides to disclose that information herself. But there's another possibility here — one that makes her conservatorship seem a lot less like a move on anyone's part to control her life.

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What if Spears has matured so much that she realizes she is still not in a position to handle her own finances and, instead of fighting this hurtful truth, is working with the knowledge she has of herself for the benefit of own life and that of her two sons? If that is the case and she is willing to put aside her ego for the sake of her financial stability, then I hope she doesn't feel an ounce of shame for it. She has a great deal to be proud of in her life. Sometimes people just need a little assistance in certain areas, and if she was part of the decision to continue the conservatorship, she's lucky she has a person she can trust to help her out.