Beyonce's $311K Borgenzie Stilettos, And 9 Other Amazing Pairs In Her Expensive Shoe Collection

You know what they say: Life’s short, buy the shoes. Beyoncé just spent over $300,000 on a pair of heels, purchasing the second-ever sold pair of House of Borgenzie Shellis Contessa Stilettos for a cool $311,869. Really. But hey, it's Beyoncé. She can do that sort of thing — so why not, right? I see you, Bey. The performer’s fancy new footwear will make their royal debut in her latest music video expected to drop this fall. New shoes and a new Beyoncé track? Sounds like all-around good news to me.

I have to admit, it must be nice to have an unlimited shoe-shopping budget. Until I hit the lotto, though, I will proudly rep my affordable flats and sneakers. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the most expensive pair of footwear I’ve invested in set me back maybe $50, and that was under special circumstances. Would I love to drop a few thousand on a pair of flashy stilettos? Absolutely. Would it be in my best financial interest? My student loans would likely vote no. Regardless of my budget, though, you have to have respect for a woman who can casually buy herself a pair of shoes that cost more than many homes.

According to House of Borgezie founder Chris Shellis, “It’s the ultimate. If you want someone to model our creations, you can’t get any better than Beyoncé.”

If Beyoncé approves, you have a winner, and Shellis’s Contessa Stilletos, comprised of 1,310 diamonds (that’s 65.50 carrats, if you were wondering) are definitely no exception.

In honor of Queen B's latest purchase, I took the liberty of browsing through her Instagram to find nine other pairs of shoes in the performer's expensive shoe collection. While most of these shoes don't even have a price listed online, one can only imagine the price tags on some of these gems. Try not to get drool on your keyboard, ladies.

1. Barbie Bey

America's iconic doll would bow down to the Queen for her impeccable taste in hot pink stilettos.

2. Giuseppe Zanotti

Bey's gotta have bling from head to toe. These babies cost an impressive $1,324.00.

3. Bee Hive Heels

Queen Bee at your service.

4. Black Cat Flats

Beyoncé's feline footwear by Charlotte Olympia will cost you $495.00. Me-owww.

5. Shoe Art

As good as these look on Bey's feet, they'd make an even better addition to my dining room wall.

6. Spikes

Her style is dangerous.

7. Fuzzy

Flats or house slippers? You decide.

8. Black And White

And groovy all over.

9. Everything's Bigger in Texas

Especially the heels.

Images: Courtesy of House of Borgezie (2); beyonce/Instagram (9)