Ronda Rousey Will Star In Autobiographical Film Just Like These 6 Celebrities

If there's one woman you don't want to find yourself in a ring with, it's Ronda Rousey. This 28-year-old UFC Champion is a knockout in more ways than one — just ask Bethe Correia, whom Rousey knocked out in 34 seconds this April in the first round of UFC 190. The ultimate badass has expanded her job description from fighter to actress recently with roles in The Expendables 3, Furious 7, and the film sequel to Entourage, but her most recent acting endeavor promises to be the most personal. As Variety first reported, Rousey will star in the film adaptation of her own autobiography titled My Fight/Your Fight, because who better to tell Rousey's story than the professional fighter herself?

Paramount Pictures currently has the rights to Rousey's autobiography and Insurgent scribe Mark Bomback is set to both adapt the book and act as executive producer. Godzilla producer Mary Parent is also onboard. My Fight/Your Fight certainly has a strong producing team behind it, but it's Rousey herself that will make this movie a smash. In addition to playing herself, Rousey will act as a producer on the film, and will make sure that the film gets everything she wants about the book right.

Rousey won't be the only celebrity to have starred as herself onscreen when her new film hits theaters. Here are some other celebrities who also played themselves (or at least, a version of themselves) in work based on their own lives:

Fantasia Barrino, Life Is Not A Fairytale (2006)

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The American Idol winner's story of overcoming adversity was depicted in this Lifetime film, with Barrino portraying herself onscreen. It is based on Barrino's book of the same name.

50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)

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The rapper's first foray into acting was as a gangster named Marcus, a character based on 50 Cent himself, albeit with much dramatic license. Marcus' quest to find his biological father was reportedly fictionalized for the film, though many other events do mirror ones in 50 Cent's own childhood.

Howard Stern, Private Parts (1997)

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Stern may be best known for radio, but he did try his hand at acting — if you can call playing yourself "acting," of course. The shock jock starred as himself in this comedy, which was based on his autobiography of the same title.

Joan & Melissa Rivers, Tears and Laughter (1994)

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The late comedian and her daughter starred together in this TV movie, which was a fictionalized account of the aftermath of Rivers' husband Edgar Rosenberg's suicide. Rivers stated in interviews that she found the process of shooting with her daughter therapeutic and that she received a great deal of support from fans who appreciated the pair tackling the subject of suicide onscreen.

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest (1977)

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Rousey won't be the first fighter to play herself onscreen. The infamous boxer took on his own story in this film based on his own dramatic life.

Jackie Robinson, The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)

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Long before Chadwick Boseman played Robinson in the biopic 42, someone even closer to the baseball player took on the role — Robinson himself.

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