Sad News: Mandy Patinkin Has Shaved

Guys. BIG news. Apparently, Mandy Patinkin has shaved his signature beard off, and actually appeared clean-shaven on an episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael this morning. SAUL. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WITHOUT YOUR EPIC BEARD, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY ON HOMELAND — haha, just kidding. Homeland doesn't even take itself seriously anymore. Carry on, Mandy Patinkin.

Gotta admit though: Patinkin looks way different without a beard now, despite the fact that he was clean-shaven for pretty much the entire run of Dead Like Me back in 2003 and 2004. This shouldn't be weird! But it is, because like his face looks just about as naked as Nick Offerman's face would if he shaved off his mustache (for the record, Nick Offerman: NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.)

When the subject came up in his interview with hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan — because, really, how were they supposed to just let that go without at least mentioning it — Patinkin revealed that shaving the beard off did feel strange. "I felt like I was taking off a Mickey Mouse mask...I also felt about 20 years younger, so that was nice." I guess.

You can check out the full interview — including a cute moment when Patinkin hears from his first kiss — below.

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