Kim Kardashian Gets The Perfect Fall Haircut, Inspiring Us To Chop A Few Inches Off Come September

If you're sick of the bob/lob, then you might be in luck, because it looks like next season is going to have a bit of a different It 'do — if Kim Kardashian's new haircut is any indication, that is. After a year of one too many celebrities chopping their hair chin-length (don't get me wrong, I love a good bob, but it was starting to get redundant), the hair game has been slightly shaken up. Kim posted a selfie on Monday, showing her long locks with the caption "right before I cut my hair." As I braced myself for what would surely be the bob/lob clubs newest member, I was pleasantly surprised when her "after" selfie showed her new, just below shoulder length hair. And it looks pretty darn great.

In addition to chopping off a few inches, Kardashian-West also added some choppy layers, for a bit of edge and face-framing pieces around the front. It definitely freshened up her look (that long hair was looking kind of drab), and it's a nice, happy medium for those long-haired girls who crave a change, but don't necessarily want to sacrifice their length.

Could this be the new style of the season?

It's so chic!

And it's definitely better than the "before," which didn't feel very interesting, IMHO.

Though it did look pretty chic slicked back.

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But you can still do that with shorter hair!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And to be fair, she already tried the lob. But I think this is a look (more due to the color) that doesn't necessarily bear repeating.

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And as much as I love her voluminous, flowing hair, I'd say her new cut is the best yet.

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram; Getty Images