Wilmer Valderrama Helped Demi Lovato During Her Rehab & The Singer Reveals More Details Of The Trying Time

This pop star has never been afraid to get candid about some of the biggest hurdles she has had to overcome, and now she's talking yet again about the person who helped her get over them. In Demi Lovato's new interview with Cosmopolitan , she's once again opening up about her struggles with substance abuse, and how her longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama supported her during her lowest point. In her new interview, Lovato talks about how she and the That '70s Show actor had just started their relationship when she chose to seek treatment for her mental health issues. Though many of his friends told Valderrama to bail, the actor did the exact opposite — something that Lovato is forever grateful for.

Here's what Lovato said in her new interview:

The couple, whom have been off and on for five years (Lovato stated that the only time they broke up was during a relapse, when she wanted to "sabotage" everything in her life) and this is hardly the first time Lovato has sung her boyfriend's praises. In fact, she recently praised her boyfriend on the anniversary of her own sobriety via Instagram post:

It's amazing that Lovato was able to confront her addiction, and wonderful that she had someone she felt she could rely on during her struggle. Lovato is certainly not shy about sharing how she feels about her main squeeze, and perhaps that's because he's always there to support her... like at 4AM on set:

It's not just Valderrama who supports his bae's career. Lovato recently hung out with the actor on the set of his new series From Dusk till Dawn, and an equally adorable Instagram pic followed:

If you're looking for a definition of "relationship goals," it's the love between Lovato and Valderrama. These two have been through the ringer together and have come out stronger on the other side, and it's amazing to see that they still have one another's backs at the end of the day.

The tabloids may love it when stars have major relationship drama, but these two seem totally solid and give us hope for celebrity couples everywhere.