Why Won't America Vote For Ariana On 'So You Think You Can Dance'? This Incredible Street Dancer Deserves More Love

Despite some shakiness surrounding the new format on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, I'm actually really enjoying watching Team Stage vs. Team Street. Seeing these amazing street dancers take on incredible routines alongside some incredible stage dancers. But what I cannot fully fathom is why won't America vote for Ariana? For the last three episodes, the amazing street dancer has appeared in the Bottom 6. She was saved by the Twitter Fan Save for two straight weeks. Clearly enough SYTYCD fans are hoping to keep Ariana around, but why is she not as well-liked as other street dancers like JaJa, Yorelis or Megz?

In my opinion, Ariana is just as good as these ridiculously talented ladies, but she's never received proper recognition and praise from the show or the judges. The first time we really got to see Ariana in action during Las Vegas week, the judges basically told her she held her own against two incredible dancers and they really didn't think she would be able to do so. That's not exactly the highest vote of confidence. And while Ariana has had week after week showcasing her talent in some great routines, she's just not getting the same kind of adulation as her fellow street dancers. The best praise she's gotten on the show so far came after her amazing contemporary piece with Jim on Monday night's episode when the judges gave the routine and their performance a standing ovation.

I don't want to get too annoyed by Ariana's lack of sufficient recognition so I'll just end with this: If America likes Ariana enough to save her two weeks in a row on Twitter, where is the love come voting time? More and more people need to recognize how talented this street dancer really is. In fact, now that she's clearly fixing her only real problem of not being able to fully connect with people through her dancing, there should be no debate. Ariana should get some more love from America. She could easily fight and improve all the way to the top.

Images: Screenshot/FOX