The Dread Doctors Kidnap Hayden & Liam On 'Teen Wolf,' Will She Be Yet Another Chimera Casualty?

What in the world is going on in MTV's Teen Wolf Season 5 right now? Monday night's episode was nothing less than bananas with blood, gore, scares, and gasp-worthy moments that cannot be explained. In fact after watching the episode, all I can really gather the energy to say is WTF? Here's what we do know. Liam's inevitable love interest Hayden is a chimera. And by the end of the episode Hayden and Liam are kidnapped by the Dread Doctors. Are they hoping to do further tests on Hayden or will her condition also be deemed "terminal"? Let's break down Monday night's episode "Strange Frequencies" if that's even possible.

After discovering that Hayden might be a chimera, Liam tries to explain to Hayden about all the supernatural creatures that gravitate toward and go bump in the night in Beacon Hills. She sees Liam's glowing werewolf eyes, punches him in the face and drives off. But soon her disbelief is shattered when her car radio picks up the Dread Doctors' frequency and they state that her condition is "improving." They immediately come for her, but Liam saves the day. Now Hayden is definitely much more susceptible to listening as she discovers her secret supernatural identity made by the evil Doctors. And Scott needs to figure out how to save her and still learn more about the pack's most evil foes to date.

Scott decides that altering the authorities (aka Sheriff Stilinski) isn't quite the right move yet as the gang still needs to find out what exactly the Dread Doctors want with them and the other townspeople of Beacon Hills. Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall find a connection between all of the kids who were turned into chimeras, but they are unable to reveal their findings to Scott and his pack just yet. Instead they're all stuck in Beacon Hills High School just waiting for the Dread Doctors to come and try to take Hayden away.

That's right, Scott's initial plan is to use Hayden as bait to lure the Dread Doctors to the school, pick up their frequency and trap them... Or something. I don't fully understand what Scott and the team were going for here. But I do know they definitely didn't succeed as each one of them left Liam and Hayden's side for various reasons, and then they each suffered violent hallucinations. Their preoccupation made it easy for the Dread Doctors to come in and steal Hayden and Liam away to their lab for further experimentation on Hayden. What are they trying to turn her into, and do we still have no idea what they're doing? All I can tell is that no one is safe in Beacon Hills this season and that scares me. Let's hope Scott and the pack find Liam and Hayden fast or Hayden could be turned into a killing machine by season's end.

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr