Kira & Parrish Are Losing Control On 'Teen Wolf,' Could It Be An Effect Of The Dread Doctors?

Things are starting to get a little too crazy for me on MTV's Teen Wolf Season 5. That's not to say I'm more excited than ever to keep watching the season and discover the deal with the Dread Doctors and more. Basically it just means that I currently have no idea what's going in Beacon Hills with any of the characters. Two of the biggest mysteries for me are Kira and Parrish. Kira began her Beacon Hills journey as a new kid who discovered her supernatural kitsune identity and used it for good to fight alongside her boyfriend Scott as part of his pack. But lately Kira has been having trouble controlling her powers. Parrish, on the other hand, still has no idea what he is, and now he's doing insane stuff like punching people's lights out and stealing dead bodies of supernatural creatures to take them to the Nemeton. Could Kira & Parrish be under the effects of the Dread Doctors?

Scott and his pack (minus Kira) attempted to foolishly try and trap the Dread Doctors in Beacon Hills High on Monday night's episode "Strange Frequencies," but Scott, Malia, Parrish and Lydia are all taken down by strange hallucinations as the Dread Doctors kidnap Hayden and Liam and take them back to their creepy lab. My guess is that when the Dread Doctors came to the school and released something into the air vent, they were actually projecting their strange frequency into the school. This frequency/air wave may have affected Scott and his pack to suffer from hallucinations and get too preoccupied to keep Hayden safe. But I don't think that's what is going on with Kira or Parrish. I think it's likely that the two are just discovering a new side to their supernatural identity that they cannot yet control.

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First of all, Kira almost kills her mother at the beginning of the episode as her kitsune side takes over her, her mother is only saved when her father intervenes. Kira's parents attempt to calm her and help her through acupuncture but it doesn't work as she disappears in the middle of the night and the needles from the acupuncture are shaped into the number "115." Kira can tell that something is going on with her when she's not overtaken by the fox inside of her. But is it too late for her to properly control what's happening? Could her fox side just be growing too strong?

And what about Parrish? We still have absolutely no idea what the guy is though I've come up with theories upon theories thanks to Tumblr, Reddit and beyond (and sometimes my brain). But still no answers, no way to truly understand why he's stealing the bodies of the chimeras made by the Dread Doctors and taking them to the Nemeton. Clearly he doesn't seem to know what he's doing either, it looks like he could almost be doing it subconsciously like sleepwalking.

Parrish does suffer a strange hallucination of making out with Lydia as she is being burnt to a crisp. But then he decides to knock Theo out with a fiery punch and kill Stiles' jeep Roscoe as they are guarding the newest dead chimera body to watch who is stealing the bodies. Basically they're waiting for Parrish, but they have no idea he's the one committing the act. I need to know what Parrish is. I just need to know. And I also need to know if this supernatural evolution in both Kira and Parrish is here to stay and get worse, or if it can be embraced. Perhaps Kira's strength can be channeled for good in the end, perhaps Parrish's body gathering is not as creepy as it looks. Please tell us these answers soon Teen Wolf!

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr