Ciara & Baby Future Hang Out With Boyfriend Russell Wilson & The Hate She's Receiving Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Over the weekend, pop singer Ciara had a sweet moment with her new boyfriend, Russell Wilson, that has become a point of contention for fans on Tuesday. Apparently, Ciara brought baby Future to Russell Wilson's training camp, and pictures from the event were downright heartwarming, with the pair and the young one looking like an adorable little family together and with both Ciara and Future looking for all the world like they were having the time of their lives. However, following a series of tweets from Future aka Nayvadius Wilburn aka the rapper, fans are wondering if Ciara's pictures with Future and Russell Wilson were in bad taste, despite coming a full year after the end of her engagement to Wilburn.

The tweets from the rapper aren't specifically noted to be directed at Ciara, but they are filled with anger and slut shaming. “Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance #umtoobossedup,” he tweeted on Saturday. However, he then added, “Don’t direct my tweets to kno punk ass h**.” Dubious rumors even flew that T.I. allegedly left a comment on an Instagram of the photos of Ciara and Russell, blasting the singer for living her life. Whether or not Future's tweets were directed at his former fiancée, or whether or not T.I. actually left such a comment, it was enough to launch a debate among fans in which some people take Ciara's side and some people question her actions.

Now, three days later, fans seem to be divided on whether or not it was appropriate for Ciara to be happily cavorting around with her son and new boyfriend, because... um, she's a public figure, darn it, and she needs to be more responsible than she is about where and when she chooses to be happy? I don't even know, guys. The question for fans who either don't support Ciara in this situation, or are on the fence about whether or not she deserves their support, seems to be centered around whether she is rushing into things with Wilson, or had those paparazzi pictures taken out of spite. You know, because she lives her life entirely based around how often she can flout it in the face of her ex.

Of course, not every fan is casting a critical eye over Ciara for spending time with her son and her boyfriend. Many fans are incredibly supportive of Ciara's decision to move on and live her life independent of Future, and instead cast their criticisms toward Future and toward fans who are trying to shame Ciara for her actions.

The fact that this kind of debate continues to rage even after three days have passed, the fact that it is even still debatable whether or not a woman is allowed to move on from a relationship that ended a year up, is truly a disgusting example of the kind of double standards that our society seems to still be unable to move away from. After all, it's been over a decade since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced, and yet people still keep talking about the Pitt, Aniston, and Angelina Jolie love triangle as if it happened yesterday, and as if Aniston has done nothing but pine over the man ever since.

The suggestion that Ciara is rushing into things is ridiculous. She and Wilson have been romantically connected since April 2015, and it would be a little strange for her not to introduce the most important man in her life (Baby Future) to someone she's been seeing for at least four months. At the end of the day, it's Ciara's life to live, and calling her out on moving on and being happy is hardly a productive way for anyone to spend their time. Instead, we should all be happy to see Ciara so happy after everything that she's been through in the past year, and even before then. As for Future (the rapper), it's my sincere hope that his tweets weren't directed at Ciara in the slightest; he shouldn't be calling any woman a h**, let alone her, but Ciara's current happiness is not for him to comment on. It has nothing to do with him. Not anymore.